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Depicts debris in roof valley that is in need of maintenance.Roof Maintenance

At Blackfoot Roofing & Construction, we offer Tallahassee and the surrounding areas of Crawfordville, Panacea, Sopchoppy, Lanark Village, Quincy and more. Our Preventive Maintenance Program in an effort to identify and resolve potential problems before a leak or damage occurs. 

Our Preventive Maintenance Program consists of a three step process:

       1. Removal of debris from your roof.

       2. Removal of debris from gutters.

       3. A 15 point total roof  inspection.   


These steps are important because debris build up can cause water to stand and seep into your shingles. Standing water causes the degradation of your shingle's adhesion. This damage can also cause your roof's nails to rust, allowing water to leak through the rusted out nail holes, and eventually damaging your roof's decking.


Gutter maintenance is equally important to the upkeep of your roof. Improper drainage can allow moisture to build up in the starter run of your shingles. This causes poor adhesion of the shingle to the eve metal. When the adhesion is perforated it allows wind to lift your starter shingle and can cause wind and water damage.


Our 15 point inspection is designed to target common problems that can occur on your roof such as broken shingles, plumbing boot damage, compromised roof flashing and more. These are all problems that can be resolved before causing damage to the interior of your home and resulting in costly repairs. Often thought of as small and insignificant, leaks can lead to significant damage to your entire home.

Our Preventive Maintenance Program is very affordable!

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